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If you own a small business or are self-employed, you need to protect your organisation 

A trojan horse destroys your network, a hacker blocks access to your e-commerce site, spyware leaks your credit card data or the identities of your key clients, one of your employees accidentally erases a database... a cyber incident can thoroughly disrupt your business.

Do not be the next victim of hacking, phishing, virus attacks or other malicious acts.

42% of SMEs and freelancers in Luxembourg have already been threatened

100% of web or mobile applications contain at least one vulnerability

More than one in two companies are affected by theft of sensitive data and hacking of payment channels

57% of data violations are caused by human error

When it comes to cyber crime, you are a perfect target regardless of your industry or size because the information and data you have are highly coveted.
To keep your business running smoothly, you should spare no effort in preventing these types of attacks. Learn how to do it with our white book.

What are the risks involved?

Total data loss

Interruption of business activity and loss of revenue

Breach of confidential data

Steep fines for failure to comply with GDPR


My laptop was stolen from my office. It contains the medical records of more than 800 patients, some of whom are well-known people. I am very worried about the consequences this incident might have on my reputation.


My computer was hacked. All my business data including my plans, estimates, purchase orders and invoices have been encrypted. The cyber-criminal is demanding a $5,000 ransom, in bitcoins, to send me a decryption key. I might lose a major project in progress.


My bank has just told me my payment terminal was hacked by malware on a very busy day. Several hundreds customers’ bank details are available to cyber-criminals. What should I do?

The Foyer cyber solution for professionals

Our cyber solution for professionals includes insurance, of course, but also an assistance package to support you in an emergency.

What is insured?

  • 24/7 assistance
  • Crisis management and support with restoring your business operations
  • Attacks on systems and data
  • Loss of revenue
  • Third-party liability

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